XxtraCeil Translucent

Xxtraceil light stretch ceiling allows you the engage in recreation with lighting. The Xxtraceil light stretch ceiling in translucent achievement permits you to have fun with lighting combination it with a NEWLINE or other finishing point. The ceilings create your room, office clean and shining, permitting outlines constrained just by your imaginative talent.
Xxtraceil light functions marvellously with either feature or manufactured lights and can be introduced as a single coating or two-fold coating for better light distribution. Moreover, a second coating will serve as a borderline for dust or trash. Along these lines, the bottom film consistently searches crispy for a few long years.
  • Allows you to give the evenly dim enlightenment lights transmittance.
  • An enormous flawless distance of up to 5m breadth
  • LED Backlighting.
    Modify moods with dim controls for the lighting

The concept of Xxtraceil stretch ceiling translucent

Stretch ceiling system, made from unique PVC covering, Stretched with a hot air blower and set to proprietary euro profiles. The special locking system allows the covering to fit efficiently into aluminium profiles (euro profiles) and enables its deletion with the same ease. The elasticity of the covering allows designers to understand every kind of shapes and size of stretch ceilings and walls.
MembraneThicknessTransmissionAbsorptionFire Rating
120/10072.50%27.50%B, s2, d0
217/10070.98%29.02%B, s2, d0
317/10076.60%23.40%B, s2, d0
417/10071.38%28.62%B, s2, d0
517/10091.80%8.20%CLASSE F
617/10061.22%38.78%CLASSE F
717/10073.46%26.54%CLASSE F
830/10098.10%1.90%CLASSE F