XxtraCeil Bio Pruf

BIO PRUF stretch ceiling products are treated with antimicrobial and antifungal treatment included into the extremely centre of the stretch ceiling. The XxtraCeil bio pruf stretch ceiling process ensures an outstanding cleanliness, all the while looking enormous. It is authorized by the community authorities.

These products can be used in Hospitals, Laboratory kitchens, pools and bathrooms and washrooms because they have anti-germ, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and self-deodorizing properties. Bio-Pruf will remain energetic for the natural life.

Treated at its core, Xxtraceil Bio Pruf stretch ceiling acts constantly to stop the growth of bacteria, moulds and germs, on both surfaces. Compliant with the health system in force, it is the great solution for hospitals, medical laboratories, doctors’ surgeries, the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, clean rooms, catering services and swimming pools.

The ease of the setting up of Xxtraceil Bio Pruf Stretch Ceiling is a mainly vital benefit in hospital, agri-food and scientific environments, mainly during renewal or addition operations: no removals, no dirt, and quick availability.

Such exact expert environments are frequently focused to improve and have to be able to mix new piping and wire networks, new observation systems – Xxtraceil stretch ceiling can be detached speedily and easily, to permit work on the ceiling. And once it is back in rest, the ceiling is once more impervious to dirt and moist again.

This powerful anti-germ, anti-fungus, anti-bacterial, and self-deodorizing treatment is embedded in the xxtraceil stretch ceiling covering.

Bio Pruf stretch ceiling will consequently stay active for the lifetime of the covering, making it perfect for any healthcare or chemical environment.

Bio-Pruf stretch ceilings are well-known and highly appreciated processes that guarantee a long-standing, effective solution without compromise the artistic aspect of the coverings.