XxtraCeil Clip

Xxtraceil CLIP stretch ceiling is designed for decorating your walls of rooms and offices ceilings with or without your favourite picture and photos printed on the covering. The profile is permanent on the border of a wall and allows for the installation and stretch of the covering. The covering is stretched without making use of heat.
Xxtraceil clip stretch ceiling is a fresh and original balanced ceiling system different others obtainable on the bazaar. It’s unique “shape & photos” clip system enables an incredible answer in an easy way yet good-looking come to an end to a basement stretch ceiling. It is not, however, limited to use in the basement as a result of the bendable installation options.
  • Safe: CE trade name and fire rating B, S1, D0 or Class F
  • Simple Maintenance Free
  • Durable Insulating Acoustical
  • Practical: NEW CLIP can be installed and uninstalled easily.
  • Powerful Resistant Aesthetic
  • Fast: NEW CLIP can be installed in more than a few hours.