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Xxtraceil providing best Stretch ceiling service in India. Xxtraceil is the best interior designing company in India in the category of stretch ceiling India. In the reality Stretch ceiling is only ceiling service which is very easy to install and maintain. Places where styles of Stretch ceilings are used like offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, labs etc. Different types of stretch ceiling design in India with best and affordable prices: –

Details of Xxtraceil Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling India providing best interior design services and stretch ceiling styling or designing is used in offices, Homes, Hospitals, Schools, and Colleges etc. Our Stretch ceiling service is very affordable and very easy to install on the walls of room and offices and also very easy to maintain. It gives the very attractive and very beautiful look in the offices, rooms, and kitchens.

We are manufacturer and supplier of stretch ceiling India. With the help of stretch ceiling in India, you have the best choice of choosing your own Unique design for better interior ceiling design for giving the beautiful and attractive look to your office walls. Stretch ceilings are very flexible with shape, size and design in your imagination which is also very helpful for us also due to this we tend to also gain ideas


Glossy Stretch Ceiling is used in offices, kitchens, Bedrooms etc. The glossy stretch ceiling is also an atmosphere friendly or Eco-friendly. The glossy stretch ceiling is not harmful to peoples. Glossy Beds don’t create mold even after forceful overflowing. The glossy stretch ceiling is water resistance. So in case of flood, it saves your all furniture from flood water. The glossy stretch ceiling is easily installed.

3D stretch ceiling India or 3D interior design in India is very good – looking for giving an attractive look in the offices. We are the xxtraceil stretch ceiling India and we have the capability for converting your imagination into reality. The lifeline of the 3D stretch ceiling is same as the lifeline for glossy stretch ceiling which is more than 25 years.

The Matte stretch ceiling India it is simply known as whitewashed ceilings. But the main thing is PVC film is properly stretched your ceilings and will definitely give the perfect and beautiful look on the rooms and office walls without any flaws. The lifeline of the matte stretch ceiling is same as 3D stretch ceiling more than 25 years. Matte stretch ceilings are perfect for decorating the walls of rooms and offices.

Satin stretch ceiling India these stretch ceilings are same as satin fabric just because of its beautiful texture and designs. During the manufacturing of design of satin stretch ceiling in India, it is also refined at the time of making but not as the glossy/shiny ceiling. It is moisture resistant also and dust and dirt free. Satin stretch ceilings look more beautiful in light colors or with photo printing.

The Translucent stretch ceiling India has become a truthful breakout ceiling which joins the lighting and a ceiling into the solo system. Due to this feature, it is simply possible to linking a ceiling with lighting. The translucent stretch ceiling can also be linked with other technical answers.

The Picture printing on the translucent stretch ceiling films is looking very exciting and good-looking. According to stretch ceiling In India, the translucent stretch ceiling films are one of the best stretch ceiling designs.

Graphic stretch ceiling India it means that you can choose your design according to your need. After that, we convert your need into realistic and artistic. The graphics stretch ceiling is also to produce your own design and you have to give your design to our company in the form of graphics file up to 1200 dpi.

Clip stretch ceiling this means that we are decorating your walls and ceiling with pictures or without pictures. Pictures choice is your either you want your picture or want our pictures. We are perfect for both facilities. The covering of clip stretch ceiling is stretched without the use of heat. Clip stretch ceiling in India is very easy to maintain and install on the walls of the rooms.

An Acoustic stretch ceiling in India is playing the imperative role in the stylishness of stretch ceiling. In essential the correct voice absorption, multiple factors like a volume of room or planned a serious role in utilization play. Acoustic stretch ceilings also undoubted from a design purpose of view.

Common statements related to functional or hazardous absorption don’t form much logic. Places where the Acoustic stretch ceiling is used like opera, concert halls, public buildings etc. Acoustic stretch ceilings are the greatest choice in the marketplace to gain a finest room better performance in the interior design.

Xxtraceil Bio pruf stretch ceiling India is also known as Hygienic Ceilings. Bio Pruf products are treated as antimicrobial and antifungal Combine into the center of the stretched ceiling. Bio Pruf stretch ceiling gives the guarantee of excellent hygienic ceilings. It is also approved by the public authorities.

It is also looking great. Products of Bio Pruf stretch ceilings in India can be used in Hospitals, Laboratory, Kitchens, and Bathrooms because they have anti-germ, antifungal, antibacterial etc. Bio pruf stretch ceilings time period remains the lifetime.

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