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Xxtraceil is a Stretch ceiling company that provides its services all over India. Now they are in Delhi named stretch ceiling Delhi. Basically, a Stretch ceiling is a material that is combined two components together (A perimeter track = Aluminum or Plastic PVC and a lightweight fabric membrane = Nylon material which stretches and clips into the track.) these two components make one product. It can use also in wall coverings and creative shapes. Here you can see a different kinds of stretch ceiling designs with the best stretch ceiling prices list.

Details of Stretch Ceiling in Delhi

Stretch ceiling is used in offices, Business sectors, Homes, Hospitals, Schools, and Colleges for beautiful and attractive interior design. The Stretch ceiling is very simple to set up on the walls of rooms and offices. It gives a very attractive look in the offices, rooms, and kitchens. Nowadays stretch ceilings became a huge trend in interior design.

The X-Trail companies are manufacturers and suppliers of stretch ceilings all over India. With the stretch ceiling in Delhi, you have a better choice that can design your own stretch ceiling design and interior ceiling design to give a beautiful and attractive look to your office and walls room. The Stretch ceiling is very stretchy with shape, size, and design in your mind which is also very helpful for us also due to this we also gain ideas.


The Glossy ceiling is a stylish solution for any space. They come in a range of different colors and different shades and it differs from the mirror effect. Glossy Stretch Ceiling is used in offices, Bedrooms, etc. This is an Eco-friendly kind of stretch ceiling. This type of stretch ceiling is not harmful to a human being.  The shiny stretch ceiling is water resistant. So in case of a flood, it saves your all furniture from flood water.

Stretch ceiling with 3d effect can make your room Attractive and Realistic Satta King. 3D stretch ceiling or 3D interior design is very good in look for giving a gorgeous look to the walls of the room and in offices also. It is difficult to find better than this Quality and Technology. This 3D stretch ceiling design is faster than the other stretch ceiling designs and it looks like there is scenery on the walls. Because of fast installation, there is no problem with dust and dirty work. The time period of the glossy stretch ceiling is more than 25 years.

If you wish to customize your room in classic style, Matte stretch ceilings are one of the most fitting options to choose from. It takes a little bit more time and effort to plaster ceilings. The look of the matte stretch ceiling is simply whitewashed ceilings. But the main thing is PVC film is properly stretched your ceilings and will definitely give the perfect and beautiful look on the rooms and office walls without any flaws. The time of the matte stretch ceiling is the same as the glossy stretch ceiling for more than 25 years. They do not collect any kind of dirt or dust on themselves. 

Satin stretch ceiling same as satin fabric ceiling just because of its beautiful attractive texture and appearance. During the build-up of sating stretch ceiling, it is also polished at the time of creation but not like the glossy ceiling. The satin stretch ceiling is also similar to a sleek and matte stretch ceiling. It is not harmful to the health of human beings and animals. It is moisture resistant also and dust and dirt free. 

The translucent stretch ceiling has become the best realistic and artistic breakout stretch ceiling which joins the lighting and a ceiling into a single system. Just because of this quality it is easily possible to join a ceiling and lighting. The translucent stretch ceiling can also be joined by other technical solutions. The image print on the translucent stretch ceiling films looks very exciting and beautiful.

A graphic stretch ceiling means that you can choose your design according to your need. After that, we convert your need into realistic and artistic. The graphics stretch ceiling is also to build your own design and give us a realistic file up to 1200 dpi. After that Stretch ceiling in Delhi manufacturer or install ceiling on the walls of rooms and offices also.

Clip stretch ceiling way that we are customizes your walls and ceiling with pictures or photos and without pictures or photos. Picture choice is either you want your picture or want our pictures. We are perfect for both facilities. The covering of the clip stretch ceiling is stretched without the use of heat. Clip stretch ceiling is very easy to maintain and install on the walls of the rooms.

Acoustic stretch ceiling plays the important role in the style of stretch ceilings. In essential the correct voice absorption, multiple factors like the volume of room or planned a serious role in utilization play. Acoustic stretch ceilings are also certain from a design reason of view. Common statements related to functional or hazardous absorption don’t form much logic. These types of stretch ceilings are used in giant areas like concert halls and enormously visit areas such as faculty and daytime care centers or public buildings. Acoustic stretch ceilings are the luxury option in the marketplace to develop the best room for better performance within the ceiling style.

Bio-proof stretch ceilings are additionally called hygienical Ceilings. The products and goods of the unit are treated as antimicrobial and antifungal move into the center of the stretched ceiling. Bio Pruf stretch ceiling offers the guarantee of a wonderful hygienical ceiling. It’s additionally approved by the general public authorities. It’s additionally Looking nice. Bio Pruf stretch ceilings product will be employed in Hospitals, laboratories, Kitchens, and bogs as a result of their need for anti-germ, antifungal, medicinal drugs, etc.

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